by Strange Angels

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First demo. Written and recorded in Aberdeen, August / September 2010.
(no physical copies currently available)


released October 12, 2010

All music / lyrics by Valerian



all rights reserved


Strange Angels UK

A black metal / folk / post-rock project from the North-East of Scotland. Inspired by politics, literature, philosophy, concern for the past and hope for the future.

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Track Name: Triskelion
Three legs that strive for knowledge
That weave through mankind's past
Motion that marches onwards
And memories that never last.
Know all things are connected
In this life and when we die:
Three corners to the universe
To the journey, you and I.
Track Name: Der Weltfremder
I see a man on the horizon,
His shadow stretches across the air:
He stands silent, barely breathing,
And as I look again, he is not there.

There are patterns in my skin now
There is something across my face
That speaks volumes I can only hint at
And drives me screaming from this place.

All the faces are cold and steely,
They eye me with suspicion as I pass,
This place is no place for living
For it reminds me of my past.

And the tall man...slid from the fire.
Offering me his hand, and a brighter way.
With staring eyes, choked with barbed wire,
He followed me down into the day.

And in my hand I hold a heart
It is beating still, and ruby red:
I can not tell how it got here,
But my fingers are spelling dread.
Track Name: Ouroborous
The flowers in the forest are fading
But the shadows of summer remain
Breathe in the essence of winter
And the scent of the dying leaves
And wish for new birth.

The trees stand in a million colours of fire
The Earth moves on
As their life escapes to the sky

Prayer can not be learned
From any number of books or prophets
Only nature can teach you worship.
Destruction and creation
Wind together like lovers.

And the ashes of the old
Pave the way for the new.
The flowers in the forest are fading
But the flames promise their return.
Track Name: Limerence
When hope and uncertainty remain
Within the world I perceive,
I will still dream of your name
As I drift on the seas.

Would it kill you to see
The circle of life in rotation?
One death on this side of the sea,
And one on the other.

I don't want this to be
The last word between us,
Don't turn away,
Because life is all love and hate.
But if this rain ever lets up
Perhaps you will see
That these staring eyes
Are not dead yet.

Life is all love and hate...
These staring eyes
Are not dead yet.

And when this life is over
I ask you not to mourn,
For the world will turn without us,
And another life will be born.

Or will it all come to an end?
Track Name: Taste of Wormwood
You will founder in seas of green,
Decline to that abhorred abode,
And when you wake from your troubled slumber,
The light will seem more hateful than God.
He is stirring softly,
You did all you could.
But when you kiss him
His mouth will taste of wormwood.

I move my lips in the shape of screaming,
My fists beat on hollow air.
Oh, have a thought for me,
If you only would.
Don't leave me sitting here
Trying to erase the taste of wormwood.

Madness did as madness could,
And your kisses still taste of wormwood.